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5th Dec 2003, 05:07
OK so I was assigned to go to the mako lab. The WTO wants me to murder the chief engineer, and the Order wants me to kill him. So I kill him but a few minutes later I die so I go back to my save point. Anyway I go back to the same room and he isn't there. The guards aren't hostile and neither is the bot next to him. A similar instance occurred when I skipped that part to go to the biolab. I go there and talk with the project director about Tarsus etc, then I'm fired upon. I die so I restart. My starting point is just outside that room, but instead of a conversation he is hostile and won't say a word. What gives?

5th Dec 2003, 06:07
I'm having exactly the same problem. I reach the room with the MagRail in it, but the weapon is surrounded by a forcefield that I can't penitrate, and the guards and bot inside are friendly. There is no scientist around, and the only other door in the room is locked, and needs a code to enter. (It won't allow you to use multitools)

As is, this is my only save file, and being four hours into the game, I believe I will take my copy of DXIW back for a refund. I am _not_ playing through the entire game again because of some stupid bug.

Hoping you reply soon,


5th Dec 2003, 21:04
Lucky for me I have a save an hour back, but yeah it does suck.

5th Dec 2003, 22:26
Yeah, I usually keep multiple save games, but I was so into the game, that I hadn't even thought about it. :/ I'm also disappointed at the lack of a reply from the technical support team. Will this issue be fixed in a patch? Is there anything I can do to recover my game? Am I just screwed?

It's about time you bothered to answer, Eidos. We're paying customers, and you should have an obligation to at least address our concerns and problems. The game has not only been slow running, and full of 'crash to desktop' bugs, but you have major ones like this, and they really need attention.

I'm highly disappointed in you. There hasn't been a single Tech Support response to any thread with problems for the full game.

5th Dec 2003, 23:37
Eidos is the publisher of this game, the developers are Ionstorm. Reply to my post on the ionstorm forums if you want a developer response. A developer also posted that they are working on a patch right now, so I wouldn't worry.