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5th Dec 2003, 03:27
Just to add my voice to the mouse thing.

I have a Seanix Seanote laptop. It's has a P4 2.4, 512 MB ram, with a fairly good Radeon (none of that ICP crap) card, but I forgot the number... It runs Unreal 2 at around 35 FPS, and max payne real fast too. Faster than on my desktop (Athlong 2000+ & GeForce 3 Ti500).

The USB mouse (MS Optical Wheel) only works in the game, not in the menus. Same with with touch pad on laptop. No problem in any other games I tried (Freedom Fighters, Unreal, Max Payne, etc...).


5th Dec 2003, 06:32
I have the exact same problem. P3 700 (and ya the game actually runs), 768mb ram, microsoft optical mouse (not wireless), radeon 8500, etc.

6th Dec 2003, 15:26
same here. No solutions???????

19th Dec 2003, 04:39
I also cant get the mouse to work. Same thing. Acer TravelMate 801

It's irritating, the laptop runs the game perfectly, stable, and smoothly, otherwise. I understand that there's no support for integrated laptop Graphics cards and the like but the... MOUSE?

Come ON!

(Nope, I cant play it on the desktop :/. Celeron <1GHz)

Technical details on the mouse...

USB mouse attached to USB port. I have 2, both work on my desktop, both use windows xp standard usb driver.

However, I believe the problem may lie with the Touchpads integrated into laptops. They're on the PS/2 Port, wired internally, and I dont think you can disconnect them from there.

You can not deactivate them with Device Manager, which is weird. I've tried uninstalling, no avail, it reinstalls when I restart windows. I also can't shut down PS/2 in my BIOS. Somebody should try that...

This touchpad is by Synaptics. Perhaps it only affects those?

Also, a phenomenon: The mouse cursor may be fixed in place in the menus, but it kind of flickers, as if the game had great difficulty drawing it solidly. It's like horizontal lines flimmering across the cursor. (Then again, maybe thats just me.)

Other config:

Acer Travelmate 801LMi
Windows XP (updated)
Centrino (Pentium M) 1.4 GHz -> Speed of 2.2 GHz P-4
ATI Rad 9000-M Graphics (integrated and all, but prolly innocent) on AGP 4x
Centrino chipsets, as said
512 MB RAM (DDR I think)
"RealTek Ac'97 audio"
Updated drivers
Variety of network gear (Firewire, LAN, W-Lan, Bluetooth)

Mr. Hankey
19th Dec 2003, 07:27
Go to the post Help With Mouse and you'll find your fabled solution. Download the new catalyst drivers if you have an ATI card.