View Full Version : [SPOILERS] Secret of the ruins beneath abyss *spoilers!!!*

5th Dec 2003, 00:31
I heard a lot of questions about the ruins under the abyss and who lived there and when can we visit them in full glory, heres your answers: You've been there already! Remember the murals and the forge from SR1 and all that? Well look at the forge, it's the spirit forge, blinc most likely already said what i will soon say for he had the info before i did and most likely realized it before i did but the spirit forge at the bottom of the abyss is the spirit forge in the citadel in defiance, the citadel is not in any other game, somewhere along the line, maybe when squiddy was trying to topel it in defiance so he could bury kain and raz, it became weakened enough to collapse, and maybe when it did, since squiddy pulled the fire so far down, it fell beneath water and began swirling for some odd reason, maybe squiddy began dying and his death was pulling it, maybe it was being pulled by the forge or the fire within, maybe the citadel was so significant it pulled all magic to it and the water swirled, who knows!? we could speculate forever but now you know this part at least.

8th Dec 2003, 23:35
I think the Citadel is West of the Pillars, the Lake of the Dead, or the Abyss, is North East.

It would have been a great explanation if the location fit.