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Dracco II
4th Dec 2003, 23:18
* Opens impressive looking Christmas card *

Merry Christmas from all the members of LCO ..

To all the regulars here !!!! ..

:D :)

Dracco II
4th Dec 2003, 23:24
Yay it worked .. Sorry the title message was short but I got bumped of the forum last time I posted that ..

I'm Dracco at the LCO ( Lara Croft Online ) forum .. I just thought it might be a festive idea to cross the great divide between two TR fotrums to wish you all a merry Xmas .. I hope a few of the other members from LCo will also make it here ..

* lifts festive drink in toast ..* cheers . Dracco

4th Dec 2003, 23:46
Merry early Christmas from another LCO member

*Looks around*

Big here isn't it..I got lost coming here and had to ask directions from the "Thief" forum..I am surprised I still have my wallet

Have a good one..



4th Dec 2003, 23:59
*Lookz around as her eyez get wide* Wow it'z pretty big here! I got lost a few timez mahself Gully!

Hey everyone, *clearz out her throat* Er em, I'm Rogue from da LCO Forum! :D

So n e wayz, just wanted to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas! *toastz her drink wit Dracco* :rolleyes:

5th Dec 2003, 00:18
Happy Christmas people :)

Someone pass me the Courvoisier

A toast, to all people who like Tomb Raider, everywhere in the world, and long may we raid on!

5th Dec 2003, 00:26
Hi everyone!

*looks above - hey guys! huge here ain't it!*

I am known as "LS" over at LCO, dropping in to wish everyone here at Eidos a very Merry Xmas!!



5th Dec 2003, 00:27
Hello everyone!!

I'm BPanther from LCO and, like the others, I'm here to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

This is really big... *looks around*

Bye and Have fun!!


5th Dec 2003, 00:47
Hiya, I am Cliffy, and also well known as NJM at LCO as well as here, Merry Christmas to everybody!!!!!!

...... here's what you have been waiting for girls...........

The mistletoe!!!!!!!!!


come on now, no stampeding, form an orderly queue.....

*clins d'oeil*

5th Dec 2003, 00:48
Hi guys,

Its the time of year when you take an extra step and wish those you
know and those you don't,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

and many more to follow!!

5th Dec 2003, 01:53
*raises a mug of mulled wine*

Hey, happy holidays! Hope ya get everything you wish for :)

Love, Ally

5th Dec 2003, 03:30
Hello everybody!!!! I'm Cliffy too, honest. Merry Christmas everyone, and very very happy newyear. Grrrr@Turquoise being too bright in colour

Claymore MacBran
5th Dec 2003, 05:40
Weel, as a member o' both forums, may I say 'ditto' and 'thank ye!!'??

Weel, tough, I just did!!


5th Dec 2003, 07:28
Hello, I'm AngelaR from LCO and I too would like to send Seasons Greetings to everyone here.

May all you fellow Tomb Raiders have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Love AR

5th Dec 2003, 07:35
Wow!! Been awhile since I was here...

Merry Christmas to all...and a very Happy New Year!!

5th Dec 2003, 08:29
Hey guys... took me some login problems, several E-mail checks, multiple registerings and not a little frustration, but I made it here. :D :p

~*~*~MERRY CHRISTMAS~*~*~ everybody here!
I hope we all have lots of good Christmas-style-fun this year! Lol! See ya all!

5th Dec 2003, 10:44
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way...

Wow, this place has great accoustics :cool:

5th Dec 2003, 12:49
Ahh! Friendly visitors from another Laraverse!
Welcome, and the season's best to ya!

5th Dec 2003, 14:01
Great idea. :D

Merry Christmas to everyone here and at LCO! :)

Boom BOom
5th Dec 2003, 17:06
Lara man here:D

Finally got in, so yay.

*Gives big crimbo hugs too all*

Merry Crimbo all

And also a Happy New Year to you all

Boom BOom :P

5th Dec 2003, 20:46
Frohe Weihnachten. HoHoHo!


5th Dec 2003, 21:25
MERRY XMAS LARIE AND ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6th Dec 2003, 00:43
Merry Christmas to all!

6th Dec 2003, 05:12
It's nice to see those of you from LCO stop by here :).
I hope you all have very happy holidays. Merry Christmas to all :D.

Dracco II
6th Dec 2003, 13:28
Thanks for the replies .

. I always thought this place was bigger than this ..Or maybe your all shy .. hiding behind another post I wouldn't wonder .. peeping from the shadows at the strange pple from another world ..

But , it's a friendly world so if your ever passing .. drop in and intoduce yourself.. we always welcome new pple .. :D

Merry Christmas .. Dracco + a happy new year .. ;)

L Croft
6th Dec 2003, 14:21
Well I've been in both places for ages but merry christmas to everyone anyway :D

Lara Girl
7th Dec 2003, 06:58
*Comes in running and out of breath*
Came in a little late..... or a lotta late... but better late than never.

I'm Lara Girl.... another member of LCO's crazy family.

Here to wish you all Merry X-mas & Happy New Year!!!


Be safe for the Holidays! :D

Lara Croft Online
7th Dec 2003, 07:33
Originally posted by Dracco II
* Opens impressive looking Christmas card *

Merry Christmas from all the members of LCO ..

To all the regulars here !!!! ..

:D :)

As Dracco said : Happy Holidays Everyone From LCO
Xmas Card here pic 9877 (http://www.laracroftonline.net/cgi-bin/custom_gallery/gallery.asp)

PS: Thanks M for the background image :)

8th Dec 2003, 03:27
Merry Christmas too all! It's great to see so many people from LCO here! :)

Should mention for all the LCO people that this is Celli too. ;)

It's about time all the forums got to know each other! :D

8th Dec 2003, 06:13
Hey again!
Thanks so much for all the replies Eidos forums ppl! It's v.greatly appreciated and nice knowing our efforts aren't being wasted. :) So thanks!
Lol, just rememberd I didn't wish everybody a happy new year... so..


9th Dec 2003, 18:47
Originally posted by Lara Croft Online
PS: Thanks M for the background image :)

You're welcome Tom. Glad we could help out.



L Croft
11th Dec 2003, 13:19
I have made a chritmas animation click here (http://lydia.power-servers.com/christmas.swf) to see it.
btw is it possible to display a flash animation like an image?

11th Dec 2003, 21:08
@ L Croft- That's pretty sweet :D

12th Dec 2003, 09:00
L croft: that looks great! I'm working on a TR christmas flash card too! just waiting for a friend to do the voice :)

L Croft
12th Dec 2003, 10:22
thanks guys :)

13th Dec 2003, 03:20
Hey LCO and all your crowd !!! Merry Christmas to all of you too !!!

I'll have to drop in more often...

16th Dec 2003, 21:20
hi, I belong to both forum, I am sorry to say I have not been to LCO for awhile, been busy playing Morrowind mostly. hope you -all have a very wonderful Xmass, or what ever holiday you celebrate, eat a lot and enjoy, life is short!:D