View Full Version : Anyone succesfully running below specs?

4th Dec 2003, 15:45
Anyone succesfully running this game with a machine beneath the processor requirements but with modern vid cards?

4th Dec 2003, 17:01
Yeah. I've got dual P3 Gig processors, 9800 XT vid card. Anyways, my cpu is below spec and the game runs just fine. very good actually.

4th Dec 2003, 19:36
not here. I've got an athlon 750 mhz and 32mb geforce2. The game won't start, just freezes at black screen. I think the gaming gods may be telling me to upgrade... Just one more year on this old horse, please!

5th Dec 2003, 05:09
You can't run this game with a gforce 2, as it requires a DirectX8 card.

5th Dec 2003, 15:06
Well i have a P3 800 oc'd to 908 with a Geforce fx 5900 Soundblaster Live! and 512mb of PC133 RAM. Windows Xp tweaked so that its overhead is only 96 megs (this help a lot!!!)

I decided to take a gamble and got this game last night. I started playing it at 1024x768 with 2x multsampling, high shadows and detail-- it looks great and is playing surprisingly smooth so far.

Load times are long between levels and the firmware on my older ZipCD drive has trouble recognizing the disk sometimes (stupid Safedisk!!!)

Other than that it is playing great

Ram and a good graphic card are key!!

5th Dec 2003, 19:03
they are important, but not the reason many are having problems, myself included. here's what i'm running:

Athlon XP @ 1.5 Ghz
1 GB DDR Memory
GeForceFX w/ 256 MB DDR Memory

HD space, drivers, the rest.. all up to snuff

yet, the game is BARELY tolerable at 640x 480, resampling x 1, bloom off.. quite frustrating

6th Dec 2003, 00:47
I'm running a 900 AMD Tbird w/256mb RAM, a 9700 Pro and Audigy. I've been playing the game for the last 2 days. It's only @ 680x480 but it's playable. I trtied it @ 800x600 but I was getting constant crashes. I still get a real occasional crash but usually only after hours of play.

A few tips for those who may not know: I turned off all background programs (i.e. all those little icons down by the clock), have screensaver and desktop set to "none", have my virtual memory fixed @ 1g (40g HD), I ran Disk Dr. (scandisk) and defragmented my drive.

Go to PlanetDuesEx and download the "Demo Optimizer" (works for full game also). You'll have to browse to your User.ini file in "My Documents" and the default.ini file in Program Files/Dues Ex:IW/System folder then click optimize and save. This helps a ton. For more tips see the tips thread on this forum and PlanetDuesEx's forum.

Have fun, the game rocks despite my initial dissapointment in the demo.