View Full Version : Request for Tweaking FAQ

4th Dec 2003, 14:40
I just got the game yesterday at Walmart (Thirty bucks! Yay!) and started playing it. Aswith the demo, I'm having a few technical glitches, and as with the demo, people have been posting tweaks and solutions for these glitches.

Here's my request. By this time, someone ought to have assembled a decent, all-in-one FAQ for tweaking _Invisible War_ for better, faster, smoother gameplay. Such a document'd be very important for all the people buying the game right now, especially since the info's currently spread around hundreds of messages on at least three message boards (Iom Storms, the IW site, and Planet DX).

4th Dec 2003, 14:50
JIM has started one over at the IS forum here (

4th Dec 2003, 15:48
Great! :)

5th Dec 2003, 04:48
Do tehy sell it at wal-mart for 30 bucks because if it is as sucky as many people say (and I upgraded my vid card to play the demo which i think is pretty good) I'd think the price would drop but that quickly??!?!?!

5th Dec 2003, 14:13
If you thought the demo was good i think you'll love the full version.

It's much better IMO than the demo.