View Full Version : games crashes with sound looping and blank screen

4th Dec 2003, 12:37
I can't get past about a minute in the games. I have had to set the video very low because it runs slow. Less than a minute into the game at various points the sound starts looping and the screen goes black and I have to reboot. Here are my specs and driver versions:
Windows XP Pro w/ SP1
Athlon 2800 Barton w/ 1.5GB PC2700 RAM
SB Audigy gamer with latest drivers posted from Creative Labs
NVidia GeForce4 Ti 4200 128MB 4x AGP with drivers 52.16
30GB of free space.

5th Apr 2004, 12:47
I got rid of my video card and bought an ati 9800 pro it works great now.

8th Apr 2004, 00:17
I had (Have) the same issue, I think. The sound kind of loops three times, and then the video may unfreeze for a moment?

I also have a geforce 4200. I looked for solutions everywhere and the only one I found that seemed to work was to change the anisotropic filter settings from "Application controlled" to 2x.

This allowed the game to work normally until I got to the Trier level, and now it is happening again--- So if you find a better or total solution, please let me know!!! Tech support seems to think it is related to the soundcard drivers...:rolleyes:

Love the game, just want to finish it now. Hope this helps.