View Full Version : Help with constant game freezes in DX:IW

4th Dec 2003, 04:35

1.3 Mhz Procc.
768 MB Ram
Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4600

Every few minutes I get a 20-30 second freeze then the game goes back to normal.

So far playing at 800x600 with everything else turned up the game has run really smooth (except for these freezes) The game looks much better at 1024x768 but then I notice an unstable framerate. <---(Still not terrible, but not consisten either)

I have Windows XP with all the latest drivers installed. This is the only game something like this has happened to me in. :(

Thanks for any help.

mazda charles
6th Dec 2003, 05:44
Yeah, I have this same problem too. Defragmenting my drive helped, but it has come back now. I am defragmenting again, which takes forever...

mazda charles
6th Dec 2003, 05:45
Hey, which sound card do you have? I have the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz.
Edit: I also have a Ti4600 with the latest drivers. I don't know which manufacturer of card it is though, because my brother gave it to me.

6th Dec 2003, 06:05
I think we found a fix here:


worked for me at least.

mazda charles
6th Dec 2003, 07:16
Thank you, I will give that a try :D

6th Dec 2003, 16:38
Thanks Cruinh :p You linked me to my own advice. :) Anyway I'm glad it worked for you. So far since making the change I haven't had a freeze since. :)

Eidos put me on the payroll. :p

mazda charles
6th Dec 2003, 18:28
works for me! Though the frame rate is slower. If I turn anti-aliasing/anti-whatever to 0, it gets the same bug.