View Full Version : Help with Constant game freezes in DX:IW

4th Dec 2003, 04:22

1.3 Mhz Procc.
768 MB Ram
Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4600

Every few minutes I get a 20-30 second freeze then the game goes back to normal.

So far playing at 800x600 with everything else turned up the game has run really smooth (except for these freezes) The game looks much better at 1024x768 but then I notice an unstable framerate. <---(Still not terrible, but not consisten either)

I have Windows XP with all the latest drivers installed. This is the only game something like this has happened to me in. :(

Thanks for any help.

4th Dec 2003, 07:10
over heating? Some chips auto-lock out if they get to hot. Can you check? If not then take a panel off and run a fan by it (not into it).

29th Aug 2004, 19:16
No, it isn't an overheatting problem. From this guy's description, it sounds like the same problem I have, and I have a matching graphics card.

The GeForce 4 Ti 4600 card seems to have a problem running these 3D maps. The same error happens when I try to run Battlefield 1942 and UT2k4. In UT2k4 it is distinct and I could tell you exactly where the error is going to happen. It's at specific points in the map, when it has to load new data, it gets stuck up, it seems. I think with a little more tolerance and playing Deus Ex: IW in these conditions, I could tell you exactly where the problem will happen.

But anyways, short of getting a new graphics card, does anyone have suggestions? I don't know if getting new drivers will do it, but I'm not exactly an expert on the matter.


17th Sep 2004, 21:15
Check the fan on the video card, it might have died. i used to have a ti 4600 and was experiencing the same problem on games that i had no trouble with in the past. i thought it might have been the o.s. or something else and finally i checked to see it the fan was actually spinning; it wasn't. i figure that the chip was overheating and locking until it cooled enough to run. i went out and bought an fx 5900xt, problem solved, hope this helps.:cool:

19th Sep 2004, 01:54
That's just the thing, you bought a new card and fixed the problem. I think a card just a step lower would still solve the problem, myself, actually. It's the 4600 in specific. I know there're now at least three other people, including you, besides myself, that have had the same problem with this card. I think it the drivers, or something about the card itself. I've had a similar graphics card specific problem with Neverwinter Nights when I had an old Radeon card. It just wouldn't load a game, i t wouldn't start a new one. It froze on the loading screen. So I'm inclined to believe some graphics cards just have problems. The 4600 seems to just have a problem running 3d maps. The rest of the game ran smoothly till it froze.