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4th Dec 2003, 01:02
Okay folks need some help. Just picked up the game a few hours ago and loaded it up. Attempt to start a new game and system reports there is not enough space to start a new game. WTF? Updated system BIOS and all drivers and the end reult was no different. Loaded game on kids computer and got the same error. Anyone else experiencing this problem and got a fix. System specs for both machines below:

Intel P4 2.6
1 gig RAM
120 Gig WD HD
Geforce quadro 4 700
SB Live

AMD 2500+
1 gig ram
60 gig WD HD
Geforce 3 Ti 200
SB Live

4th Dec 2003, 01:21
make sure you don't have the "monkey-b" virus. or something like that. happened to me once in school.

4th Dec 2003, 01:35
system is clean.

5th Dec 2003, 03:15
I also was getting this message and after about 2 hours figured it out <kinda>. I am on an XP system that has mulitple accounts and only the administrator account can access the game properly. Obviously there is some setting within non-administrator accounts that doesn't allow proper reading of the hard drives... my guess anyways. I even have a secondary accocunt which has full access but doesnt allow game play because of "not enough space" error.

Hope this helps you!:)