View Full Version : Graphical glitch to fix in first patch...

3rd Dec 2003, 20:29
I just installed the game and have spent about 15 or so minutes with it. The framerate is acceptable on my system at 1280x1024 (4x AA), (it's slow, probably sub-30 fps, but at least it's stable) but there is one graphical glitch that is bugging me (pun intended). On most "interactive" objects in the environment (i.e., the basketball, kitchenware, etc. -- even the NPCs) I am noticing a strange pixelization occuring that makes small black holes appear on the objects. It's nothing that renders the game unplayable, but it's very distracting none the less. I hope this can be addressed with the first patch.

3GHz P4
1GB PC3200 RAM
ATi Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB
SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS

4th Dec 2003, 00:09
Turn 'BLOOM' off or reduce your AA to 1x; same bug in the demo. The prob is caused by the combination of AA and bloom.

17th Dec 2003, 08:50

patch installed, bloom disabled, AA to 1x, AA and anisotropic disabled in driver: same glitch3es *argh*

17th Dec 2003, 22:21
Try going to the second page of video options and setting Shadows all the way to Off.

I get grey pixels rather than black ones, but they go away when I do that. Plus, I get higher framerates.