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3rd Dec 2003, 19:50
Hello all! for begin, you must know that i'm french and not as well as you in english. forgive me about certains mistakes...

I'm a rench player and defaince is not already in france. So, i love spoilers but it's too confuse in this site.

please, can you give me spoiler with high quality and not as: chapter 12, chapter 5, chapter 7 but chapter 1..2..3...

thanks for all

MoonLight Spectre
3rd Dec 2003, 19:54
It's always good to see some french ppl around the place=)
Huh, what do you actually mean by the high quality spoilers? Insignificant ones? Yeah, that would be nice of you (PS or Xbox lucky users) to post those :rolleyes:

4th Dec 2003, 17:25
I think I made a mistake, with saying "high quality" , I mean good spoils with all the details.

4th Dec 2003, 22:41
chapters 1, 2, and 3 involve this:
raziel begins 500 years ahead of kain because he has been trapped there by the elder god for 500 years, kain had left the stronghold to find raziel after SR2's end, but with no luck he returned to ask moebius

chapter 4 has this:
The elder god aka squiddy wont let raz use the conduits to become physical, so raz must use a corpse, raz goes to reaver shrines built by the ancient vampires and the reaver gets permenant upgrades
I wont spoil the rest for you, you'll have to wait for the game but this should tie you over for now, or just highten your anticipation.

4th Dec 2003, 22:42
oh yeah, welcome to the forums, this is the first time ive talked to you two

5th Dec 2003, 02:51
Chapter 1,2,3

Chapter 1:
The Sarafan Stronghold
Kain is in the Sarafan Stronghold after SR2. It ends when you meet Moebius for the first time. Cue "You know nothing."

Chapter 2:
The Underworld

Raz is in the Underworld. He's been there for 500 years. The Elder God is trying to get him to belive he has "No higher destiny" and Raz submits. Right.... He escapes the underworld (he was lieing) and the mission ends once you exit a room in the graveyard.

Chapter 3:
Sarafan Stronghold (-2-)
Kain gets to Moebius (again) this time, though.... Cue "Let us continue our conversation...." "But on a somewhat different footing..." Bat form to pillars.