View Full Version : Mouse lag and performance

3rd Dec 2003, 18:32
I just installed the final release and am still having a lot of mouse lag, and just poor performance issues, and although it may just be me being optomistic, it seems to look better graphically than the demo. Can I just use the demo tweaker to fix the performance issues (like I did for the demo), or do I need to manually adjust the settings in the user ini. I didn't mind screwing with the settings in the demo but don't want to mess up the final game if I do something wrong. Any help would be appreciated

4th Dec 2003, 01:14
Open the default.ini file in the DX:IW/System folder, and find the line that says MouseLagThreshold=75. Change the 75 to a 0 and it shouldn't lag so much. Just make a copy of that file before you change it if you're worried about breaking something.

4th Dec 2003, 15:21
Thanks Random. Worked like a charm!

5th Dec 2003, 02:34
I did what you said to do and I don't have A InI file so how do I get that. Thanks

5th Dec 2003, 03:41
Why was it set to 75? just curious