View Full Version : Whats your favorite multi player level?

2nd Dec 2003, 05:08

8th Dec 2003, 14:33
You need the moves to stay alive in the scrapyard. You gotta be able to duck and weave, and shoot at the same time. But my absolute fav. would have to be the ice station. It's great for games like capture the bag.:cool:

The Skeletor
12th Dec 2003, 03:59
Love Traning ground on the LAN.

12th Dec 2003, 04:11
Playing in the training grounds online would be a dream! :rolleyes:

19th Dec 2003, 18:45
Training ground all the way. Although all of the levels are well designed.

Captin Snow
20th Dec 2003, 00:16
How DARE you leave out the Robot Factory, tsk tsk tsk.. That's the best level on there!

capt. Forestzombie
21st Dec 2003, 16:10
the site has the recommended weapons i like and and the music is funkey:)

21st Dec 2003, 22:51
chasm all the way. once u master it you must be good!

27th Dec 2003, 20:15
How could you forget Streets? That is the best one.

7th Jan 2004, 16:38
Chineese, gwad i love to break glass, ice station is also good and i like traning ground

The Skeletor
7th Feb 2004, 01:07
Lately Hospital has been the main map to play here, (You can hide in between the beds on the top floor) For some reason or another that room with the beds seems to be where all the action is. Try defending it with two doors on each side! No clue why it is so worth getting but I alwas seem to be heading to it and defending it, once I get there..

Hank Nova
8th Feb 2004, 22:21
Chineese definately, all that glass, the gong, the kitchen, it has everything. :D

The Machinist
9th Feb 2004, 21:54
I like the robot factory of course - 'cos i live there! But i kinda like the Streets (good music - and fairly good weapons) and Chasm (so much endless fun.....especially the remote mines!)

17th Feb 2004, 23:12
It has to be the hospital with the room with the staircase and singel bed. great fun defending that with remote mines sticking one on me friend (freindly fire off) and him running up to enemies and me blowing em up !! he he he ^_^

18th Feb 2004, 14:28
They should reall ymake a poll asking what everyones fav poll is about fav levels ect theres so many.. ;)

Real Name No Gimmicks
19th Feb 2004, 18:21
best place i think

Real Name No Gimmicks
19th Feb 2004, 18:23
thats a good idea ima do that

7th Mar 2004, 21:33
l like sounding the gong on chinese or the bell on mexican mission
but my overall fav is robot factory.its class with sci-fi hangun shots bouncing everywhere