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1st Dec 2003, 23:53
So... I just now literally 5 or 6 minutes ago beat Deus Ex for the 4th time. Technically 3rd cause the last time I never beat it... I stopped at area 51, haha. But I'll just say 4th.

Anyways, it took me 3 days straight of just plowing through it... eating and sleeping every now and then. Man. First time I beat Deus Ex I literally played 2 hours a day and beat it in just over a month. This time I played like 10 hours a day and beat it in 3 days. I sped up a little. Badass game though indeed... I felt I kind of wanted to refresh my memory of the whole thing before the sequal came out. So yay! Glad that's over with. Now I can officially sleep well again.

I played as a badass sniper/rambo-charging freak with a strong desire for peace and obeying laws, so I took the Helios ending this time. Illuminati ending is my favorite (in terms of the actually scenes they show and its length), but after paying closer attention to the Helios dialog, I think it's now my favorite, haha. Oh well.

Just thought I'd share!:D

2nd Dec 2003, 01:38
Originally posted by Breadman
So... I just now literally 5 or 6 minutes ago beat Deus Ex for the 4th time.
Light weight. Once you've beaten it 15 times, then we'll talk.....*sigh* I have no life. Any way, the "Dark Ages" ending is my favorite, screw law and order....well, screw law anyway.

Bio Denton
2nd Dec 2003, 01:38
Another possible candidate for my challenge.

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