View Full Version : If you pre-ordered with EB and didn't get a comic...

1st Dec 2003, 22:41
...check back with your local store. I dropped by today looking for a mouse, and they finally had them in stock.

2nd Dec 2003, 13:43
I pre-ordered my copy from Ebgames online. I had it mailed to my relatives who in turn sent me the game. Though my order status showed a comic book included with my shipment, there was none. When I inquired with my relatives about whether or not they recieved it, they said no. so I called Ebgames and asked if they could send me another copy and they overnighted the comic to my relatives house. The moral of this account is that it pays to have a good attitude when talking with a customer service rep. Flaming them out will get you nowhere. Long live EBgames.