View Full Version : [SPOILER] Theory on Kain Living

1st Dec 2003, 21:29
In "Defiance" Vorador says the reason Janos didn't decay over time is because his heart was still beating somewhere. When Raziel pulled Janos' heart from Kain's chest, he used it to resurrect Janos. And Kain was turned into a vampire by Mortanius who used the Heart to turn him. So now the Heart sustains both Janos and Kain. As long as it beats, they both live. That's my theory.

1st Dec 2003, 21:35
Well Amy the game designer said that he lives because Kain is the Scion of Balance and it is that aspect of him that kept him alive.

2nd Dec 2003, 00:49
It's Janos's Heart, not Kain's. It sustains Janos. It was sued to make Kain a vampire. It is not needed to keep him alive.

My theory on Kain living is simple: he didn't die.

Donan Fear
2nd Dec 2003, 01:52
Not only that, I also think that Kain never lost his own heart and he was running around with two hearts for over 2000 years!

Kain didn't need the HoD to survive after he was resurrected, but Mortanius probably left it there to make Kain almost indestructable.

Kain just fainted when Raziel teared the heart out. I think you would too if Raz did that to you even if you had another heart. ;)

I think there are two reasons why EG and Moe didn't know Kain was alive:
1. He was in the demon dimension so EG couldn't see/sense him.
2. Raz being sucked into the reaver (again) created a paradox and Moe couldn't see past that point. (I think..)