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1st Dec 2003, 17:49
I played the game once... maybe I did not put attention… I still do not understand: How is that Kain did not die when the HOD was ripped out of his body?

1st Dec 2003, 18:04
check out the wendingo started questions to amy henning thread for theorys

1st Dec 2003, 18:27
Sorry... The messiah theory does not make much sense, since Kain did not actually die when Raziel took his heart… It seems he just went unconscious.
Furthermore… a messiah resurrection requires a more dramatic presentation… and all we saw was kind of: “Oh! By the way, Kain is still alive”

1st Dec 2003, 19:45
in a Q&A w/ Amy she says Kain lives because he is the Scion of Balance.

2nd Dec 2003, 00:52
honestly, are we going to depend on that single answer Amy gave us? Do we honestly know if Amy is giving more than just that simple answer. There's a difference between giving an answer and going into depth and explaining it.

2nd Dec 2003, 01:52
If an official answer from the person who wrote the story isn't good enough for you then please explain what would be. Seriously, if she's actually holding back on it maybe like how explanations of Kain's creation as a vampire omitted the usage of the HoD that probably means everything you throw at it will just be conjecture until the next chapter.

Kain's Legacy
2nd Dec 2003, 06:18
The Heart of Darkness was used to RESTORE Kain back to life,but I don't think it was necessary to SUSTAIN his life in the first place.The Heart was an important vampire artifact,and Mortanius knew this.Once we learned his alterior motive of restoring the Pillar guardianship back to vampires,he probably figured the safest place for the Heart would be in the chest of Kain.Until Kain (and/or other vampires) would discover its location and perhaps make some use of it.

MoonLight Spectre
2nd Dec 2003, 17:37
Originally posted by f5lesnar
in a Q&A w/ Amy she says Kain lives because he is the Scion of Balance.

Uhh...what about ariel then? Wasn't she the guardian of balance as well? Thought she got herself killed rather easily. So tht's not the only reason why Kain remains "alive". Do you think a vampire can live without a heart?

Soul Reaver
2nd Dec 2003, 17:40
The Scion of Balance is the vampire Balance Guardian (a.k.a. Kain) that is destined to be the vampire champion in defeating the Hylden... I don't know much more because I haven't played the game...

MoonLight Spectre
2nd Dec 2003, 19:21
that doesn't really make sense to me...
Is Kain immortal because he is a kind of a messiah (oh, another one??) - a pretty bold explanation. I mean, it's just too simple... is it not?

2nd Dec 2003, 22:08
sometimes simplicity is the best way to go

2nd Dec 2003, 22:29
Well this is the exact quote from Amy Hennig herself
Originally quoted from Blincoln's interview with Amy Hennig

The Scion of Balance is the figure that is destined to return the Pillars to vampiric rule, the one who was prophesied by the ancient Vampires. Kain is both, whereas the other Balance Guardians were not. Yeah your right about simlicity being the best way to go f5lesnar but in this case it doesn't make all that much sense. I think this will be explained in the next installment of LOK but untill then speculate away...

3rd Dec 2003, 01:14
Then again...

[SPOILER]Remember that Janos says there is one who will be called, the Scion of Balance. Maybe this "calling" is what resurrected Kain.