View Full Version : eidos's silly distribution plans

29th Nov 2003, 21:38
i have just come back from a great holiday in new york (i live in the uk) and was able to see defiance up and running on a couple of display screens in the shops there, and was even able to buy a copy if i wanted. i didn't, since i wouldn't be able to play it over here, plus i thought the game would be out on the 28th november.

oh how wrong i was.

whoever is the person who decides when games come out in different countries has a VERY clouded view. release the game in the USA before xmas, but everywhere else has to wait until after!


could someone explain to me why they would miss out on the profits, that xmas in this country, they would gain?

if they are postponing because it is too buggy, then it shouldn't have been released in the US anyway.

i get so annoyed with the way eidos treats some aspecs of the gaming world. their views on distribution and some of their strategies are ridicious (why aren't they doing xbox live for exmaple)

the problem is, they know they can mess us around and we will still buy their product when it is ready.

another interesting thought with the exclusive release of games into one area (they have done the same with Deus ex2 the swines) is that they are almost "encouraging" buying from other countries.

think about it. why wait 3 more months or whatever to get a game that you have been waiting for over a year. why not get a foreign console, and an adapter and amplifier, and get the game in a week or so?

(this has almost definately been covered before, and i am not suggesting anyone do any of what i have said above, as i was just giving an example)