View Full Version : Spoilers: Bug with Jaime in Hong Kong?

29th Nov 2003, 13:11

At UNATCO HQ, I asked Jaime if he would follow me to Hong Kong.

Now I have stolen the sword data for Tracer Tong and some of his body guards tell me something along the lines of "Your doctor friend is here - you can find him down in the infirmary."

I am guessing this doctor friend is Jaime, but he is not in the infirmary (the one under TT's lab on the way down to see Alex - the only one I could find).

Is this a glitch or should I just keep going? No spoilers please.



30th Nov 2003, 02:20
yea theres a glitch in the game (well it happens to me too) just go on. he will be there after you return from ur second trip to versilife.

11th Dec 2003, 21:13
ya, it hepenns to me too. at first i just summoned them (paul and jaime), then when i came back the second time there where 2 pauls, and 2 jaimes. LOL