View Full Version : Help on TR4 in the level catacoms.

El Chavo
29th Nov 2003, 06:11
in the level catacombs, there is a part where you have to jump from one vine to another. When you slide down the pole, go and push the lever on the floor and there it is. I know i have to align myself and use the sprint key do accelerate foward in the vine. But how can i jump across? When i get the closest possible to the next vine i then push the jump key(alt) and foward. I just jump but not that much. Any hints how to do it? please help.

29th Nov 2003, 11:38
When you align yourself for the first rope try getting perfectly straight (drop back from a ledge or something if it's possible, pull up and press roll)....
Press the sprint key to gain momentum and press the jump button when Lara is at the highest point.
Swing a few times to get the maximum altitude that's possible.
That's about all I can think of ATM.... But if it doesn't work, make a screenshot or something or describe more precisely where you are.... And are you sure you have to go back via the vines? Isn't there another way? I dunno, just asking.... :confused:

29th Nov 2003, 17:54
It may be you are just a bit late at pushing the jump key. As you watch Lara swing on the rope, you will notice when she reaches the highest point of the arc, she will change position as she starts to swing back. I always make her jump just before she reaches the highest point of her swing to be sure she is still swinging forward at maximum speed. So, try making her jump just before she reaches the highest point.

I don't remember any jumps in TR 4 that required you to use the maximum distance you can jump from a rope to reach the next rope, so there should be some room for error.

El Chavo
29th Nov 2003, 22:12
Thanks a million. now it works. i thought i had to let goe of ctrl key, push alt tand the foward but never worked. thanks