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29th Nov 2003, 03:42
I'm new to the GameCube (been all PC games till now). I bought one for my kids & decided to try a couple of games for myself.

I got Metroid Prime & TimeSplitters 2. In Metroid Prime, the autoaim functions as expected - aim in the direction of the bad guy, hit aim & BOOM! But in TimeSplitters 2, it doesn't seem to do anything. In Story mode with autoaim on, I turn my weapon in the direction of the bad guy, hit aim, & instead on locking on to the target, it just gives a screen with recticles in the exact spot my weapon was pointing and I have to manually adjust the aim. In other words it doesn't "lock" on the target.

Am I missing something? Does it not work in Story mode (haven't tried the other modes yet) or is there something else I need to do. Auotaim is enabled in Options.

Also, the aim control (C Stick) seems to be real loose. Whenever I try to aim with it (autoaim on or off), it just seems to jump, no fine control.

Again I'm new to console gaming so maybe it's just the way controls work, but this seems to be fine in Metroid.

Any help would be appreciated.

29th Nov 2003, 04:47
Auto aim works when the aiming sight is off only. Don't hit aim, and it should work.

29th Nov 2003, 05:45
Hey, Robo, thx for the quick reply. I tried your suggestion but it still doesn't seem to do anything. Could you please explain exactly how to shoot someone with autoaim? The exact steps? When I point the pistol toward the target, I still have to move around to get a good shot. I thought autoaim was supposed to detect the target & lock onfor you? I must still be missing something.

Thx again.

Captin Snow
29th Nov 2003, 06:08
If you just turn to face the enemy you should see your guns move in another direction slightly, that's when it's locked on. But your guns need to be pointing pretty close to the enemy. It wont lock on from afar (yeah I know, I explain stuff bad, I just felt like posting in the forums somewhere.).
That was the big draw down of the game, nobody liked the aiming at all. I was fine with the challange though.

29th Nov 2003, 06:16
Wow! It guess I'm not as crazy as I thought! It sounds like autoaim is "almost" useless. I'll play around with a little more using your suggestion but I may just forget that it's on & get my best aim. If I'm not going to "depend" on autoaim, should I turn it off so it doesn't mess me up?


29th Nov 2003, 14:22
No autoaim works good, its not that youre gun and crosshair 'locks on' to a target but just try firing without the crosshair, just by guessing a bit.

You will see that, if the enemy isnt exacty were you aim, the bullet may go a bit astray, kinda crooked. So if you aim just next to some guy, the bullet will still hit him

Just 2 things;

-Guns like the Garret Revolver or the Slencer autoaim like a charm, you will hit someone from a lagre distance, just shoot by your feeling.
Guns like the SovjetS47 or the SPB90 just suck at this autoaim, because they're automatic weapons

- If you play without crosshairs the autoaim seems to work better.

Just play a deatmatch game with just Garrets or Silencers in an open lvl and you WILL see autoaim

1st Dec 2003, 03:53
Thx for the feedback guys. After a couple more hours in this game I have come to the conclusion, at least for me, that autoaim is ineffective. I do better when I use manual aim because I can then see the crosshair & know if my ain is right.

Again, thx for the feedback, & happy fraggin'!