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8th Jul 2013, 04:06
I am seeking suggestions to this little dilemma;

1 restart 13-1 from scratch, move on to 13-2 (hopefully in time for 13-3 release)
2 some how completely relearn battle system of 13-1 and complete the game and move on
3 skip 13-1 and start in on 13-2

when I learned 13-1 was comming out for PS3 I sold my PS 2, many games and all accessories as well as my Wii, TONS of games and accessories just to have the funds to get a PS3 and preorder FF XIII. I was super excited untill I realized it was unplayable on my 20" standard def TV because the texts were way too tiny to be legible. a few years later I was able to upgrade to a 42" Panasonic 600Mhz 3D plasma HDTV! i figure if your going to upgrade, upgrade BIG! well for what I could afford any way. Its been my monitor for PS3, PC and Xbox 360 ever since!

any way I once again popped FF 13 into the system and started my first save file. I got all the way up to chapter 12 Leviathin Plaza, at which point real life interviegned (curse you real world!) and by the time I finally had enough time to get back to gaming again I had completely forgotton how to fight. I have tried a few times since to pick up the game but I would only be able to fight just 1-2 mobs before the next would completely lay waste to me. needless to say I was very discouraged and am having my doubts on being able to relearn the battle system well enough to get back on the horse so I can complete the game.

I thought about restarting the game on a different file to relearn the battle paradymes but I would not be able to even use that system untill almost half way through the game and even that is no where near as robust as where my paradymes are now. I tryed looking for save files to practice in safer areas but the only save files I could find were "everything done" or "everything but the last guy" saves.

so is it worth it to finish the game? is there any benefit of starting 13-2 now vs finishing 13-1 first? I would like to unlock stuff like themes from 13-1 but its not a major factor. its just the so close its a shame to give up now kinda thing.


P.S. I have only played the 13-2 demo but not the actual game

8th Jul 2013, 04:20
I would suggest relearning the battle system. The soldier groups you're near aren't incredibly hard, so you might try practicing on them. The other enemies are pretty mean. Alternately, you might try backtracking to Eden Plaza, where there are a lot of 3-way fights you can get into (the ones where two enemy groups are fighting each other, and they'll ignore you if you get a preemptive strike).

Another thing you can do to help yourself remember the battle system is to look up gameplay vids on YouTube. HCBailey has a pretty good Let's Play, and my channel has a lot of boss fights and some other things.