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28th Nov 2003, 23:40
Hello all,

I've picked up the 4 crystals (one for air,fire,water and earth) and I'm now trying to climb the ceiling in the Hall of Seasons. I got the strength upgrade by pushing in the wall on the second balcony and I've climbed to the small ledge to regain my strength. But I can't manage to climb up to the next ledge without falling.

From the small resting ledge I climb toward the center of the room where Laura turns around and starts to climb upward but I always run out of strength before she can complete the climb. What route do I follow to make it? I need really clear instructions because I've tried it about 50 times and I keep falling.

Thanks for any guidance you can give me.


29th Nov 2003, 00:29
Taken from Stella's site (http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/walks/TR6walk/seasons.html).

CLIMBING TO THE TOP OF THE MAIN ROOM: Back in the room with the zodiac mosaic, you'll find four huge pillars moving up and down. (The knight is still hanging around. Undead are nothing if not persistent.) Run up to the lowest pillar. Jump up to grab the edge when it's at its lowest point; pull up. Walk to the edge and then jump to the next higher pillar when the two pillars are closest in height. Repeat the process for the third and fourth pillars. Once you're on the highest pillar, face the center, walk to the edge and jump up to grab the metal ring when the pillar is highest. Pull up.

(NOTE: I encountered a bug here where Lara would not grab the metal ledge. Saving and reloading fixed it.)

One of the spokes leading out from the metal ring is flat on top. Walk along it to the edge and vault over the railing. Now you're aiming for the stairs on the other side of the room. A fence blocks your path, so you'll have to go around the long way. Undead knights burst out of the two brownish alcoves when you run past. It's easy enough to avoid the one near the fence, but you'll have to pass the other to get to the stairs. You can shoot the knight(s) to subdue them, use the shotgun to knock them over the edge, or just run away.

Go up the stairs. Two more undead knights guard this circular walkway. Again, you can knock them off the edge with the shotgun or just avoid them and go on. (Also, any knights you left on the level below will eventually make their way up the stairs.) Run around the perimeter to a section of climbable wall. Climb up and right to a small ledge with a lever. Pull it to open a gate below, near the stairs where you came up.

(NOTE: The ceiling here is climbable but Lara isn't strong enough to make it across...yet.)

Climb back down/left to the walkway and follow it around the perimeter to the door you just opened. Go through, pick up V-Packer shells and push the uneven section of wall to get an upper-body strength upgrade. Pick up the large medipak on the floor and return to the walkway around the main room.

Run around to the left to get back to the climbable wall. Climb up/right to the lever. Save your game. This time climb the wall and keep going straight up toward the ceiling. (Now Lara has the upper-body strength to make it all the way.) Just keep holding Forward and Lara will do the rest. When she turns to face out over the room, traverse forward/left to the small ledge. Drop here to regain your strength and save your game.

Walk to the edge of the ledge so the center of the room is on Lara's left. Jump up to grab the ceiling and traverse forward, arcing around to the left, and staying as close as possible to the left edge. (If you swing too far right, Lara won't have enough strength to make the climb.) At the edge of the ceiling, just keep holding Forward, and Lara will swing around and start climbing the curved roof. Continue to the top and, when your grip power is almost gone, move left a bit to land on a ledge. Now you're in the top of the dome. The gate opens as you approach. Follow the hall to another gate and continue up the stairs.

Chris Daly
29th Nov 2003, 11:57
Having made your way to the little ledge
sticking out -which is difficult , make your way
across roof , you will see the roof pattern is
different, enabling Lara to grip ,and you will also
see where you have to go which is through the top
of the roof. Considering you only have seconds to
get Lara into the room at the top, the easiest way is to
make her backflip by pressing the jump button
when she is facing the wall. Backflipping is
just as good as forward jumping, and might
assist with last few seconds. Following getting
there its the red ghost to deal with which is
pretty tricky too. Hoping this helps / Chris