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28th Nov 2003, 18:54
Sorry if this is very old hat (as I imagine it is), but I was just playing through DX1 again recently (being an MX-burdened fool, DX:IW won't appear on my radar until I upgrade and it's released in Europe), and have reached the point at which JC first encounters Simons and his scary bodyguards. After I speak to them and wear their patience out ("Interesting behaviour, Mr Denton"), I begin to head into UNATCO HQ, only to hear one of them remark (I'm paraphrasing - can't remember the exact quote) "Cold. So dark and cold. That's how it will be forever."

Not having played for two years, I can't remember if the MiBs repeat this comment throughout the game. Does anyone know if that's the case, or even what the comment refers to? Just struck me as unexpected and odd.

29th Nov 2003, 02:00
"Cold. Cold and dark. It goes on forever"

It is quite common.

I am guessing that the MiB are AI driven cyborgs hence lacking human qualities of warmth and mortality. Just a guess though - only up to HK.

4th Dec 2003, 02:28
The MiB, and the WiB are the J Class Agents (or somthing class, anyways). Find the WiB in france, in the templars castle, and read the stuff on her desks. It says somthing about her becoming 'enlightened', or somthing similar. Meanwhile, in sector 4 of UNATCO HQ (MJ12 Detention) you find a datacube giving details on the new 'J' (or somthing) class agents. It mentions the albino traits and glowing eyes.....as well as their tendency to explode when killed.

To conclude, I rekon the MiB's are in fact heavily modified humans, a combination of genetic conditioning and mechanical augmentation, as I see it.

4th Dec 2003, 14:36
M/WiB's are class P agents.

They are from the class of physiopharmaceutical (something like that) augmentation.
As the above poster said, they are combination of nanoaugmentations and to a lesser extent, mechanical augmentations. But since they aren't specifically born with the right genetic build-up like JC and Paul, they have to use very strong drugs for their bodies to tolerate the nanites.

These are mostly assumptions, of course.

...as well as their tendency to explode when killed.

The self-destruct mechanism was meant to be there. It was (probably) added surgically.

For more information on class P agents refer to:
1) The datacube in the MJ12 HQ medical wing.
2) The e-mail from doctor Lundquist(?), to doctor Bates in the VersaLife level 1 labs.

5th Dec 2003, 01:00
Very interesting. There is so much to follow in this game.

There are several emails regarding them in the labs below Versalife, at least two in Lundquists account. Another regarding fitting the "NEBs" with nano-sword technology. DIfficult to read unless you can find a login, and a great way to catch out hackers :).

Also explains why the explosive device was implanted.

I was fooled by the grainy, robotic voice.


5th Dec 2003, 05:40
...as well as their tendency to explode when killed.

Let me rephrase....it explains their tendency to explode when killed ;)