View Full Version : I need someone to take alook if they have the time.

28th Nov 2003, 17:29
OK some one moved my post to the very last page in the help section of chapter 9, can anyone go take a look at my post and
see if they can help me? Im really stuck.

here is where you can find my post at the very bottom.

28th Nov 2003, 17:54
It has been answered now.

Umah Bloodomen
29th Nov 2003, 01:34
Yes, I was the one who moved the thread, because we are containing gameplay help questions to their respected threads to avoid repeating them over and over, and because no one is placing the term SPOILER in their titles.

People will respond to the gameplay help threads when they have a chance. Patience is indeed a virtue. If you wish to question my action any further, my PM and email boxes are wide open.