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28th Nov 2003, 13:09
Its says on the web that the last Mini game is in the Robot Factory On Hard... I did not find it. Please Help???

28th Nov 2003, 13:28
under one of the ramps in the big room before you meet the Machinist..

Good luck! :D

28th Nov 2003, 14:51
Dude, I checked everywere?!?! I could not find it..

28th Nov 2003, 14:53
I'm on the last level on Hard on 2 player. When I was on Robot Factory I didnt see it?

The Skeletor
30th Nov 2003, 22:57
It is there under the ramps near the machiest, Thats where I found it. (on hard).

1st Dec 2003, 13:49
Is that on 1 player? Because on 2 player I didn't find it. Has anyone got it on 2 player? And if it is, is it in the same room as the boss or i the big one befour the boss?

1st Dec 2003, 23:59
It's in the big room before the Machinist. It should be on the lowest level in one of the corners, under a ramp.

I'm not sure if it's there or not in 2 player though.

2nd Dec 2003, 08:19
It's not there in 2-player mode.
The cartridge can be found where the red powerup is in the Arcadelevels, like Nightshift.