View Full Version : Searching for Defiance script

MoonLight Spectre
28th Nov 2003, 10:06
So If anyone does have one, or knows where can I get one...
Or at least some dialogues of the game?

28th Nov 2003, 13:57
I don't think you will find the script. It's too soon for that. Maybe in a few weeks, but if you find it anywhere please post it here.

28th Nov 2003, 15:12
there is a site that has it in their forums I can't remember where at the moment let me sleep HAHAHA...lay in bed until I think of something else todo

29th Nov 2003, 18:26
I submitted a script to gfaqs almost 2 weeks, and it's STILL not up yet.
I suppose CJay is either alone in his work and very busy, or just slow. In any case, if you want a copy, email me. hippiechk69@comcast.net. Give me a day or two to respond, as I'm in the middle of a very busy weekend.

1st Dec 2003, 12:34
Gamefaqs has the script!

1st Dec 2003, 19:13
Yeah, I noticed. :mad:
WTF? Man, that really irks me.
Oh well. Nothing I can do about it now. :(

1st Dec 2003, 19:44

ok apparently this url doesn't work... if you want the script you'll have to find it manually in the gamesfaq website.

Black Wraith
1st Dec 2003, 23:28
What the?! I tried that link of yours and it said that it was shut down or something. I want a Defiance script!!! I'm a script fiend!!! I even write scripts myself, check out my profile.

1st Dec 2003, 23:41
well ok... i dunno why it didn't work but try this then.

go to www.gamesfaq.com, click on playstation2, click on "L" for LOK, and where it shows LOK Defiance_FAQS_CODES_REVIEWS_BOARD, click on FAQS then click on Dark Chronicle transrcipt by orpheus

if you can't find it now then may god have mercy on your soul...

2nd Dec 2003, 12:17
It doesn't work because gfaqs will not allow you to link directly to it. It's a TOS violation.