View Full Version : Debug menu salvation is here for Codebreaker and GSv3/v1 users

27th Nov 2003, 15:55
I finally gave up on getting any proper increment/decrement commands out of Pelican and MadCatz, and wrote my own as subroutines. In assembly.

This means that Codebreaker, Gameshark2 version3, and Gameshark2 version 1 owners should now be able to use the debug menu with minimal problems.

The up/down functionality is *very* fast, because otherwise my subroutines would have been much longer, and they already added about thirty more lines of code. I'm sure everybody can handle it.

Please let me know if you have any trouble, but triple-check your entries first. It's easy to make a mistake with that many lines.


27th Nov 2003, 16:02
Cool, I`m gonna cheak to see if the v1 codes work on mine after i`m done on the computer. Thanks Blinc! :D

Soul Reaver
27th Nov 2003, 16:04
Umm... I'm sure that's great news for all the console people here...

Good work Blincoln! You've done it again...
Congratulations! :D:D

Long live Blinc!

--Soul Reaver

27th Nov 2003, 19:36
The codes work, the only problem is the up button doesnt work on the debug menu, is there any way to fix that?

27th Nov 2003, 22:30
If down works, but up doesn't, I suspect you mis-entered one of the codes. Make sure that the part 2A code you entered is fifteen lines long and 2B is sixteen.

28th Nov 2003, 17:06
sorry to be a burdon again Blinc, but I worked out everything I might have screwed up on in the coding, and I got up to work, but I cant get into those menus *submenus*, nothing seems to work. *Is about ready to break his Gameshark V1!*

28th Nov 2003, 17:59
Okay, let's break this down by the codes.

Set 1 is the part that lets you turn the menu on and off.

Set 2A and 2B are the ones that let you move the cursor up and down.

Set 3 is the part that makes things happen when you press L2+X, L2+Left, and L2+Right.

Which part are you having trouble with, and what happens when you try and do it?

28th Nov 2003, 20:49
you have to press L2 and X together to select a menu!? It never said that on your site, it just said L2+Square and L2+Circle to bring it up and get it to go away. and X to select the menus. Sadly I cant try that out now, my dad is playing on the PS2 right now.
Thanks for your help, hopfully in the months to come, I wont be such a burden. ;)

28th Nov 2003, 21:13
Dude, it says it right there on the page I linked to =P:

"To bring up the Debug Menu, press L2 and the Square button at the same time. To close it, press L2 and the Circle button. Navigate the menu with the Up and Down buttons on your D-pad. Select options and submenus with X. Increase and decrease numeric values with Left and Right on the D-pad. For Codebreaker, GS2v3, and GS2v1 users: you must hold L2 while pressing Left, Right, and X, because your cheat devices do not support nested if statements. Up and Down work without L2."

--- from right on the page I linked to! (http://www.thelostworlds.net/Defiance-DebugMenu.HTML)


Well, at least now we know that it should work fine when you have another chance.