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27th Nov 2003, 03:10
I don't if you have senn alredy this, but in one of the chapters something happend:

Finally I reached Avernus Chatedrla, and After passing the earth forge and all that I finally reached Turel (I was so exited) As I was looking the cinematic, I gazed something odd in his left shoulder (rigth in the position from which we are viewing. At the beggining I couldn't belive it, but there it was. At Turel's shoulder, you can see Melchia's Clan Symbol . How can this be posible? Was this a programming error or some kind of joke?

27th Nov 2003, 18:44
Are you sure you're not confusing clan symbols? That said, I can't really direct you to any place where I know that they have the clan symbols.

27th Nov 2003, 20:15
No, I'm absolutely sure of what I saw. I even cheked it twice and with my SR1 manual. Just keep looking at his left shoulder all the cinematic (in the Dark Chronicles) and you'll see it.

Kain's right hand
27th Nov 2003, 20:39
Yeah, I noticed that too!

I'm guessing it was just some oversight.

28th Nov 2003, 05:14
I think CD should reward such perceptive gamers maybe even hire you to watch for mistakes!!

Wait that ain't never gonna happen!!! Cause they got a whole board that will remind them of ALL their mistakes.

28th Nov 2003, 05:22
Or-as we don't know just how Turel ended up where he was, or when...[insert evil laugh here, begin maniacal postulations]

It may just be my fondness for Melchiah, but perhaps he was instrumental in sending Turel back through time? Come on, think of what Melchiah says in SR1 : "Everyone is afraid, sibling. You awake to a world of fear. These times of change are so... unsettling." [which may just be my favorite non-Kain quote from the whole series-S.] "Do you think I feel no revulsion for this form? Do you believe for a moment that our Lord would risk his empire upon an upstart inheritance? "
Perhaps putting Melchiah's symbol there was a way of the worshippers acknowledging his contribution to housing their god.