View Full Version : [SPOILERS] Some ideas and please some help!*SPOILER*

27th Nov 2003, 00:05
I rented Defiance and they do not include the manual, so :

How can I make the combos???

I have almost all (i`m in the citadel) and I can`t execute any of them. In the menu screem it says something with the analog and X or Y but I can`t do them at will.

Please help. The few little times that they have come out (by accident) they look very cool.

I have the Xbox vesion.

The other thing is:

Why the hell Raziel has to do all the forges again????? (if they give an answer later, please don`t answer the question)

I`m in chapter 7 and there haven`t been a single part of story that would explain the things that happened in Sr2. The only new thing that I know is that Vorador was the one who made the Reaver, but other than that the game haven`t say anything. I hope that later in the game they would explain something.

That`s all 4 now.

I`m going to star playing again.

27th Nov 2003, 18:19
Just tap the analog stick in whichever direction and press the specified button. The direction you want to attack towards is a good idea. You just need to get the timing together, since it is a stick and a button. It's not difficult.

27th Nov 2003, 19:29
Thanks for the help!

I`ll try it right now.

Where are you from?

Edit: after trying what you told I`m starting to REALLY enjoy the game because all the combos are now coming out very easy. Thanks a lot!!!