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26th Nov 2003, 18:31
I am so weak. I went to Best Buy with my hubby and his two gaming sons and the trickster blinded me because I walked out with new Toshiba Satellite Laptop. I swore the next computer I would buy would be a desktop, that I would have one built for me and not get one from a store, pay off my land first, fix up my stalls, pour concrete down my barn aisle and that I could hold out until my place of employment would replace the antique Dell I have been using. Did I listen to all that? Nope. littlek walks into Best Buy oblivious to the devious minds of the mechanists that work there and walks out with a new machine. I called on the Builder for strength but he just said..."I'm tired of looking so piss poor on that laptop. Buy it and praise the builder." I swear the trickster was strong last night becaue I walked out once but found myself back in the store about 2 hours later. I don't even know if Toshiba builds a good machine. But...I have been wanting to play Splinter Cell and now I am. Deus Ex is next. I just loaded Thief 2 because I need to finish Rowena's Curse so of course I bought that little hard drive thingy that is about as big as your thumb that you can use to transfer files. Now I can't keep Rowena game from freezing up when I drop to the ground to fight Rowena and rescue the lady laying on the alter.

I am weak ..... now off to the technical board to find out why Rowena's game keeps freezing up on me.

27th Nov 2003, 03:48
I'm now realizing how my computer is becoming ancient. It's about 2 years old in technology, although I've only had it 1+1/2 years. So I tried downloading the new Deus Ex 2 Demo, but it wouldn't work with my video card. :(
I'm not buying another video card for this computer because it doesn't support AGP. The PCI cards just don't cut it.
So when Thief 3 comes out, I'll be walking out of Best Buy or somewhere with a new computer too.
My laptop is actually newer than my desktop, so I find new games run better on there.
Isn't it good to buy new toys!!! Woo Hoo! Anyone wanna trade a nice newer desktop for a nice loaded 1.4 GHz laptop?:D

29th Nov 2003, 03:50
Ooh man... laptopsies are goodsie for you!

I want one myself, but first I need a new desktop PC. A friend of my brother can get me a very sweet deal on a custom built rig, so I'm spending a little extra to get a big flat screen and aluminum case. Then I want a laptop next year to do field work (T3 mapping) in the garden! :D

29th Nov 2003, 14:51
Garden Thief! Now that sounds fun. After a rousing game of Thief in the Garden, littlek puts up her hood and sneaksies into her neighbors garden then pulls a garden trowl from her belt and digs up a coveted daylily. The neighbor, seeing that he has been robbed again, follows a trail of dirt towards a tree in littlek's garden. "Been playing a lot of Thief again?" he asks the cloaked figure crouched in the shadows. Seeing no escape from the Hammerite, littlek hands over the daylily. "Uh, sorry. Musta been those rats again."