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26th Nov 2003, 09:27
ok so i'm probably not even suposse to ask but.......
i've noticed alot of cheats for thief have certain symbols like ' or " both before and after what look like the cheat.
example below.

• Unlimited Gold: Add 'cash_bonus 3000' to your user.cfg file and load the game. When you're at the Loadout screen, press Esc, save, and quit to the Desktop. Start up the game and load that saved game. You'll have an extra 3000 gold in your purse. Repeat as necessary.

also this 1 below.

• "cash_bonus X": Gives you spare cash, where X is a numeric value that is the amount of excess dough that will be awarded.

do i put the ' or the " as in examples or just the words?

26th Nov 2003, 17:32
Just the words.

I don't think there's more than 3000 worth of items in any of the loadout screens, though.