View Full Version : Legacy of Kain: defiance for Gamecube ?

Personal SinR
26th Nov 2003, 02:18
Wondering why it isn't released yet (if at all). I noticed that Blood Omen 2 was released for the GC.

I noticed that you can buy BloodOmen2 for 10 bucks, NEW! (which i did). Did it suffer because of the GC platform and that's why it isn't being published or will it be released in the future. It just seemed odd to me. Plus I think I would rather have a copy of LoK:defiance for the GC rather than PS2.

Hope this isn't in the wrong forum and that someone with knowledge can help me here. Anyway, any helpful comments are appreciated, thanks!

26th Nov 2003, 07:01
Two main reasons here.

1. BO2 didn't sell too well on GameCube.

2. Eidos have pulled their support for GameCube.

26th Nov 2003, 15:01
Just to let you know. Bo2 was not released to Gamecube for a long, long time. Defiance may show up, but now that it is going PC in North America, I doubt you will see a GC release.

Secret of God
7th Dec 2003, 05:59
I read some where that Eidos and Crystal have MAJOR issues with Nintendo's third party policies. Apperently, they charge all kinds of wierd fees or something, so the two companies pulled their LoK support from Nintendo.