View Full Version : Where are my saves?

25th Nov 2003, 19:07
Help! I had to reinstall Thief 2, I dragged the "save" file to my desk top before I deleted every thing. After I installed the game again I tried to "open with" Thief 2 but I couldn't. Then I tried again and accidently clicked the wrong program "IAregChn"? Now I cant find it any where. Does anyone know what program this is? I am using WindowsME.

25th Nov 2003, 19:22
Try the "search" function, and look for THIEF.
When you find THIEF. Open the folder and locate the EXE file. It has the icon for a symbol.

SEND IT TO DESKTOP. Your old icon, if on the Desktop no longer should work.

Then look for SAVES.

When you find SAVES, look at the location. Copy the one that appears on DESKTOP, and paste it into THIEF.

The computer will probably say "this file exists etc." But just paste it into THIEF anyhow. The "saves" that the computer says is there is the empty one that you just installed. So just overwrite the folder and contents.

Keep your Desktop copy for a while to make sure all is well before you delete it.

DON"T OPEN the SAVES "with" anything copy paste it into THIEF.