View Full Version : Holster Key

25th Nov 2003, 13:53
I've read quite a few people complaining about the lack of a holster key.

If you press the weapon select key for that slot again it put's it away. OK it's not on one key but if you press 1 to get to your pistol press 1 to put it away again.

Works on mine anyway.

25th Nov 2003, 16:13
In the default.ini file, there's a comment above the key-binding for 'R' which says that it will be the holster weapon key, so that's sorted :)

James Warren
25th Nov 2003, 16:25
A quick "double click" on *any* number holsters *any* weapon and works so well for me I don't need a holster key but thanks for pointing that out just the same.