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25th Nov 2003, 13:01
Everytime I come on there forums I see people attacking the game with the same arguements. I have news for those people, no game appeals to everyone. It may be that a slight majority (between 50-55%) dislike to game, but that is to be expected in this population. It does not reflect how the rest of gamers think.
The problem is, as has been the case with the wait for many sequels, people make an image of what they want the game to be, and then expect the game to be that way. This almost always involves the game being pretty similar to the original.
I also felt this way at first, but then I gave the game a chance and found it was superb for a host of other reasons. This makes it original in it's own right, rather than following on from the old theme.
It is for this reason that such unimportant aspects of the game are being slated (ffs text size? the hud?). Simple adaption to gameplay brings an entirely new experience which definitly more absorbing than the first.

That is not to say that I expect everyone to like the game, because that would never happen. However, you CANNOT call the game rubbish or come out with the insults that I have seen just because YOU don't like it.

As a result I'm leaving the forum early.

25th Nov 2003, 13:15
Sorry to see you go, Don. Hopefully we'll see you again in December. ;) I'll close the thread to stop another flame war.