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25th Nov 2003, 11:05
All right, I don't know about you guys, but I'm leaving this forum for at least a week. I'll be back when the game is out, so that the mindless complaining/praising will actually have some foundation, and opposing sides can't accuse others of having unfounded opinions or conclusions. This board has died, people. Get your act together. If you're going to complain, or praise, or whatever, do it intelligently. I'm normally a basher, but if I were to see another thread that listed or pointed out one of the 6 or 7 flaws with the game that have been listed on every other thread for the past 5 pages or so, I'm going to look for a hot iron to carve my eyes out with. It's almost literally painful to see how many threads of the same kind arise every 5 minutes: Either you love the game and bash the bashers, or you've just played the demo and feel like coming here, creating a poll, and listing "seven things" that should be fixed with the game, when clearly, since the game will be out in nearly a week, it is far too late to make any real changes, especially since the devs have basically TOLD us that our opinions are that of a small minority, and that they're not going to make changes because of us (just check out the IS boards). Stop it, stop it altogether, please. I'm not against complaining, or against bashing; that's just opinion. Please, though, just do it intelligently.

At any rate, I'm going to leave for a while, because this is getting really tiresome. Anyone else who feels like doing the same? Go ahead, put your rants here, as long as you don't bash an opposing group (as in saying "yeah, these boards are all polluted, it's all the bashers'/fanboys' fault!"). If you too are outraged by the condition of the board, as I am, post it here so maybe people will get the message. It's funny, because just yesterday I was all for stating our opininons in mass, but since then I've realized it's just plainly too much. Lots of potatoes, no meat. Get us some meat in the threads. Get us some substance. Jesus...

25th Nov 2003, 11:10
Originally posted by Viking2
and opposing sides can't accuse others of having unfounded opinions or conclusions.
You know people will still do that, anyway. Crap like "Oh, I bet you don't even have the full game! You're just saying stuff to bash/support the game!"