View Full Version : Anyway to change the NG Resonance Music?

25th Nov 2003, 03:28
I dont really like her music ... I wanna put a couple of my own tunes. I want Master of Puppets to calm me down after seeing those bug eyed bastard NPCs that I hate to bits.
In the full game, if this NPC eye thing isnt fixed, Ill make sure every NPC possible is killed in my first playthrough, just to make them PERMANENTLY CLOSE THEIR ****ING EYES!!

(In the full game, I want to change the music of the game so I can put DX1 music back in. The Dx2 music is nice but its way too soft and ambient)

Jesus, P.I.
25th Nov 2003, 03:42
It would be cool if you could use your own mp3's, like in GTA3 and Vice City.