View Full Version : Admit it

25th Nov 2003, 03:03
Admit it....You have gained a sick pleasure out of throwing the bodies of your poor fallen foes around like ragdolls..pumbling and throwing them down stair wells, elevator shafts and off roofs...You smile as you toss one into the air pumping them full of "lead" so you can watch there twisted corpes bob in the sky like a kite...You real sick-os out there have been making human bomb fires havent you? piling the dead like cord wood only to light em all on fire with your flamethrowers...admit it

25th Nov 2003, 03:16
no... i mean yes... i mean...

okay damnit you found me out.

i just wish i could kick them too... throwing them is fun but... well, no buts.

25th Nov 2003, 03:19
You mean in the game or real-life?

The physics are a little messed up in DX:IW. In real life when i throw a corpse in the air and shoot at it it doesn't really affect it's downward momentum much. It just makes them do nice little mid-air pirouettes. They should research this thoroughly for the next DX game.

25th Nov 2003, 03:26
I don't make bonfires out of my victims, although I do put thugs hanging upside down out of vents(took me ten minutes,) and throw dead bodies at my enemies. Ragdoll physics rock.