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24th Nov 2003, 23:07
Thanks for deleting my thread, guys. It was about *why* people warez and why people would be likely to warez DE2:IW. Its stance was against warezing and offered no useful information to those seeking to warez. Contained therein was some criticism of the game and Ion Storm, but it was far more reasonable than the average post in this forum. So thanks for deleting my constructive, correctly spelled, and even-handed opinion. I'm glad to see that you guys are on top of that whole tyranny thing. Hope that works out for you.


Jesus, P.I.
25th Nov 2003, 02:04
Hey I agree with you that your original thread in no way endorsed "warezing," but this thread will probably get deleted too, and if you are familiar with the forum rules, you will know why. Sorry about your last thread.

25th Nov 2003, 02:36
The forum rules are clear in regards to warez. The problem with threads that oppose it is they attract people who endorse it.