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24th Nov 2003, 19:35
Hay Eidos

Bet you cant name 10 good reasons why us brits have to wait so long for dxiw.

Your sales for this game will be very badly damaged in this country if this game hits U.S shelves on time. Why i hear you ask. Simple Someone ships the game from the U.S, makes hundreds of copies and sell's them for a small profit.

This maybe a small island but we have one of the largest games industrys out there. (mainly cos of the bad weather)


24th Nov 2003, 19:41
one things for sure i'm not gonna wait 3 extra months to play this game, warez here i come!(and undoubtfully many other people:p )

24th Nov 2003, 19:43
Warez isnt the answer.

If you dont like the demo, dont buy the game. That's the legit, most effective way to stick it to a company that produces something that you dont like.

Stealing isnt the answer.

24th Nov 2003, 19:46
I Did not say i dont like the game. I just want to make the point that many brits will not wait until next year for this game. There are cheaper options than importing the game from the U.S. Eidos need to do something about this.

24th Nov 2003, 19:47
It's true, warezing will be EVERYWHERE over here. I hope for their sake it isn't. And I actually bought the first game as I thought it was excellent. As DX2 is a steaming pile of faeces I'm not so sure.....

24th Nov 2003, 20:16
"Stealing isn't the answer". Hah. It's easy to say for us here in America man, but rest assured that if I was in a European country, and was told I had to wait 'till spring, I'd warez like a maniac. Eidos and IS are really not giving the Brits a choice.

24th Nov 2003, 20:25
aside from the fact that i don't condone warez at all (and it IS stealing people) these fellows make a point that should be taken into consideration far more often by game developers. i don't see the reasoning behind releasing in united states months before anywhere else, especially britain since they have the same 'holiday shopping' frenzy as united states in the month of december ...

24th Nov 2003, 20:28
Dude, warez all you want, I don't care. Just buy it when it comes out three months later. I do this all the time for things that aren't released yet, then when it gets released I pay them for it.

Ethically, I can't see any problem. People that are going to warez and not pay for it, are going to steal it whether it's released now or three months later. If you're a person who would buy it right now but doesn't want to wait, then just put the money in an envelope and set it aside while you play your downloaded copy, right?

24th Nov 2003, 20:28
Yeah, im a bit confused about this. US release date is estimated to be somewhere around early December this year, whereas UK release is estimated to be early feb next year....i really cant see why this is should be the case. Most games released in the states take roughly 10 days more untill they are released in the uk....e.g. Max Payne 2 came out last month in both the US and the UK, (although not the same date).
Is there any reason why the delay in UK is so long for IW? Is it something to do with coinciding x-box + pc release dates? (I think conversions r needed for US-UK xbox (PAL and NTSC???)) This is the only thing i can think of, seing as pc's dont need conversions.
(Sry if x-box dont convert, been out of the console loop for a while..dont know if its still the case ne more)

Its also silly not to release it b4 x-mas in uk, coz thats when companies can make the most money.

24th Nov 2003, 21:10
Eidos i will connect to this thread tommorow. I had best have Ten Damn good reasons as to why i have to waite for this game. It is time you justified your stupidity. This thread has been open for an hour, and already you have a large group of pepal who have said they will not bye this game.