View Full Version : What makes an RPG then or an fps for that matter?

24th Nov 2003, 12:49
I'm reading a lot of posts about how the rpg elements have been removed from the game.

From what I can tell the people saying this seem to equate rpg games with inventory management, skill progression and ammo management.

I'd have thought improved conversational options, actions effecting the world and the ability to align yourself with factions in a more dynamic way would have classed as rpg elements.

I just wondered what everyone else thought about it.

I don't think games can be pigeon holed into genres as easily as they used to be now.

I don't think dx/dx2 can be classed as an rpg, fps, adventure game on their own but more as a hydrid. Each part of it effecting the other. The balance of that hybrid does seem to have changed between the two games, maybe as a result of console porting etc, I'm not sure.

24th Nov 2003, 12:56
FPS: An action game wich is built around a first person view. Doenst have alot of "Story line" and puts all it's "money" in fancy GFX,Sounds and explosions.

RPG: Create and play as a character in a world. Based mostly around storylines and the fact that you can "Change the course of the world"(usualy this is limited to "kill the big bad wizard/dragon/demon/warlord to save the princess/world). Also based around "advancing" your character one way or another.These ways are very different from game to game.

Adventure: Based mostly on storyline just like an RPG but is mostly about solving puzzles to advance the plot. Much about managing inventories and using "the right item on the right object"

24th Nov 2003, 13:10
I wouldn't get too bogged down on what an RPG is in this sense - as people are mostly talking about missing tactical combat mechanics and immersive details rather than true role-playing. Doesn't mean it is unimportant to the experience though.

Besides, I wouldn't say that DX1 was much of a RPG if that is what you mean, as it hardly had any proper conversation options or big choices except those tacked on the end. If the demo is any indication (which I HIGHLY doubt) then it looks like DX:IW has even less conversation interaction than the first game which is a shame. (bad demo :()

However, I am optimistic about what they've done with the factions and branching plot lines. Fingers crossed they can't have botched that too...

Just on the topic there really aren't many games I would call real RPGS. In fact about the only games where choices ever seemed to really properly matter through the whole game were Planescape Torment and the Fallout series. Though I still have a lot of love for Gothic and Baldur's Gate games.

The Grim Reaper
24th Nov 2003, 13:16
FPS-collect big guns and shoot things while seeing the sorrounding thorugh your char's eyes.

RPG- you start (or create) with a "blank" character and decide in which direction you want to develop him/her through means like skills, for example in the original DX you could make JC into a walking wonder of destruction or into a sneaky character like Mr. Garret from Thief.
Upon that you add the in game choices which are expressed through actions, dialogs, alliances and what not, all of which will represent the allignment and believes of your character i.e if you decided in the original DX that JC was a lawful character then you had the option to disobey Navarre and not kill Lebedev on the plane.

Obviously DX is a hybrid game which incorporates many genres, unfotunately DX2 has been turned into a FPS and not a very good one at that.

24th Nov 2003, 13:59
I'm still not in agreement that you can say dx:iw has become a pure fps based soley on a small demo level which doesn't allow you to see the effects over time of decisions or allow you to see character progression at all.

Games like stalker I would class as an RPG yet it is clearly an fps based combat game.

I was just trying to make the point that many of the factors which make a good rpg or even gaming experience in a game like dx cannot be seen or sampled through a short demo like that which was released.

24th Nov 2003, 15:11
well, for those who played Baldur's Gate, it's as if they gave you one pre-set character, a 2-zones playing area to test the game.

I guess most people would have said : "wow, this is just a Diablo 2 clone, and badly done."

playing the whole game, with all the quests and subquests, you could see it wasn't