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24th Nov 2003, 08:28
I don't get it...
In the first Deus Ex Paul Denton was killed and JC went after Page, but Alex Denton was still in his container in Area 51 so if JC blow up the facility he would automaticly have killed Alex Denton in the progress.
So all I wonder did JC join with Helios or with Morgan Everett and the Illuminati, in either case he has to be alive so,
WHERE IS JC DENTON!?!:confused:

And what happened to Bob Page's and Walton Simon's clones?
Did JC destroy them or did someone "activate" them?
And what happened to UNATCO?

24th Nov 2003, 08:37
so you werent able to get all that info from the 10 min Demo?! whats wrong with you? all the anseres were there man....OMG GET A LIFE AND WAIT FOR THE FULL GAME!:rolleyes:

The Grim Reaper
24th Nov 2003, 10:46
you can save Paul Denton in DX1.
Alex Denton was already expunged, IIRC the second(or maybe it was the first) empty container to the right from where you enter the area is His/Hers - read the data cubes.

24th Nov 2003, 14:02
no, in fact, Alex is still there. the empty container is JC's.

but there is no proof there was only one clone (if only for security reasons, it is logicall MJ12 had a baclup location, with other clones)