View Full Version : Goofy thing you can do in demo

24th Nov 2003, 06:37
It's possible to climb up to the tops of buildings and walk along the nonexistent roofs. When heading towards the apartment door, turn right before you get to the ATM and jump onto the garbage can. Right-click to open the lid near the wall. Then jump until you can jump off the edge of the open lid, and turn to the wall. Hold jump to climb up.

From here, you can jump onto all the rooftops. I haven't tried this, but there's a video on SomethingAwful.com's Games forum showing how it's done. I'm going to try and jump onto the billboard now. :)

24th Nov 2003, 06:42
OK, well, if you're going on top of the apartments, be warned that you can fall through and get stuck between the hallway and the inner rooms. Just warning you. When there's no polys defining the roof, it all looks the same.

24th Nov 2003, 11:00
Another thing pointed out in a different thread: Falling objects don't seem to take damage.

Cool trick: Take a light item (like a bed pillow), throw it straight up in the air, then shoot at it to send it into orbit.