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24th Nov 2003, 02:07
I was looking forward to the demo just as much as my fellow deus ex fans, but all I wanted out of the demo was a technical measure of how my computer stood up to the requirements. That's really all I looked for, that said here's some basic results that I feel like posting.

My machine:

3.57ghz Intel P4revC
Asus P4C800-D-E
ATI Radeon 9800PRO @ 412engine, 370clock(720)
1gig ddr400

Latest Bios and drivers etc.

@ 1024x768 with 2x Multisample and just playing the demo for 15min casually without Bloom and Vsync disabled according to fraps I recieved

Min 29, Average 42 Max 91

with Bloom on

Min 30, Average 42, Max 86

The game is entirely playable. But, look what happens when I max my processer out to 3.7ghz without bloom and vsync disabled..(2x multisample)

Min 38, Average 49, Max 97

I found that a faster processer speed can dramaticly increase the smoothness, I honestly didn't believe that I was getting 30fps most of the time, it FELT like 40ish. Obviously deus ex is about story, but from a technical standpoint and modern system should be able to play DX:IW just fine.

24th Nov 2003, 02:30
interesting.....thx for sharing....I might be able to squeeze a little more out of my over clocked 2700+...running at 2.36 gigs now...hummm

ps the game is definatly a hog...just like DX was when it first came out...

24th Nov 2003, 03:11
That's great, but many people are getting awful frame rate with cards that are somewhat less than yours. My specs...

Athlon XP 2200+
1280 MB of PC2100 DDR
Radeon 9800SE (about the same as a Radeon 9600 Pro)

That pretty much sums up the main hardware influencing performance. At 800x600 with the lowest multisampling and vsync off I'm getting about 20 fps. To me that is just awful. I fully expected, as well as many others, that with my current processor and video card I would be able to get 30-40 fps in 1024x768 without AA and AF. I didn't believe that expectation was out of reach, but apparently it is with the current state of the game. Some optimizations need to be made because if they did indeed send out the demo with low quality textures, then the game will probably run even slower than the demo unless they made some major optimizations.