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24th Nov 2003, 00:47
Hi all,

Like many I am so disapointed with the demo I am considering canceling my pre-order.

So I am requesting information. I have heard people say on other forums that things in the demo will be different in the full version, and this has been claimed by the devs. However none of these people can point me to that information. So I suppose the Eidos forums of all places would know.

I would like to know exactly what the devs (NO ONE ELSE - not what Timmy the fan boy has said) has claimed will be different in the full version vs the demo.

This thread is NOT intended to debate about how the demo is great and nothing is wrong with it or vice versa. All I want to know is what will be different demo vs full version.

I need to know in order to make up my mind regarding my pre order.

Thank you for any official information.

24th Nov 2003, 00:56
go here:


One of the developers responded a few times to the communitys concerns about the demo and about what is different in the full game.

24th Nov 2003, 01:00
Thank you! :)