View Full Version : Problem With Demo ..Cant seem to fix

23rd Nov 2003, 23:00
I downloaded the demo from fileplanet and installed it.
It installed correctly there wasnt any problems or anything.
When I try to run the game, a window that covers up my entire screen comes up and its black. When I Alt+F4 to quit some invisible error messages come up that you can only see when doing Alt+Tab.

My system specs are:
1.6 Ghz
GeForce 4 MX440
512 DDR Ram
120 gb Harddrive

I even tried reinstalling DirectX 9.0b and also the newest driver from www.nvidia.com but it still doesn't work.

EDIT: I tried reinstalling too

24th Nov 2003, 00:23
Read the countless other threads here and on the Ion Storm boards, as well as the readme included with the demo: The game will NOT support ANY MX series cards, because they do not support pixel shader v1.1 and vertex shaders. Also, even if you have the latest version of DirectX, MX cards don't support any included features beyond DirectX 8.1.