View Full Version : My Opinion on the DX: IW demo

23rd Nov 2003, 20:45
Graphical - The dynamic lighting adds a good feel to wherever you are.
Music - Again, keeping the feel of the original Deus Ex.
Physics - Ok, so who doesn't like this?
Interface - Yeah, I like the interface. They were aiming for a HUD that looked like it was on your eye, and they got it.
Emerging Story - If you read the books and listen to the news report, you can start to get a tiny little bit of a feel for the story.. which Deus Ex is all about.

Lack of toolbelt slots - only 6?
Optimization - I don't even think this exists. I'm forced to run at 640 x 480.
Bugs - Various bugs, like controls not saving, that sort of thing. Hopefully it's a demo bug.
Little damage from weapons - It shouldn't take 5 shots to the head to kill someone, I tweaked the ini so it's ok.

Basically, it's got problems, but I can't really be the judge until the fully version comes out.