View Full Version : Still mouse lag w/demo? Try this

23rd Nov 2003, 19:48
I have been having a ton of problems trying to get this demo to look half decent, and even playable (esp. mouse lag), on my comp. (Athlon 1.3 gig, 384 MB SDRAM, Geforce FX 5200 PCI) and have finally figured out a way (with the help on another thread) to get it not half bad. Now keep in mind that I don’t know that much about computers. I’m writing this more for people like myself who don’t know much. There are probably easier ways to get this accomplished, and maybe one of the more knowledgeable people could post it on this thread. First of all you should download the DE IW demo tweaker. I think this is on the Gamespy home page, but it’s floating all over the web so you should be able to find it. Once I did that, the graphics looked better, but the mouse lag seemed even worse. Once you download the tweaker, open it up, If you look in that window, you’ll see, move forward/backward W=1000, or something like that. Change all four of these to -0.800000 and try the game again. Make sure you save. (BTW, make sure you also optimize the default ini settings on the tab on the right), this changed several things, at least on my comp). I don’t know if this stuff is particular to my card, geforce fx 5200, or it’s this way on all comps, but it worked for me. It’s like a totally different game. Mouse is MUCH more responsive and runs a lot more like a pc game than a console! And just to put my two cents in. I personally think this game is going to be great, but where are the lean keys? That’s the one thing I think they really screwed up, and if anyone has heard if this may be in the final release please let me know. Thanks and good luck. BTW, Try shooting or whipping some crates at the repair bot, and listen to him yell at you! It’s hilarious!